Divine Battles

The Hanuman's Quest

About the Game

Unleash the Power of Hanuman in an Epic RPG Adventure!

Embark on a Mythical Quest as Hanuman, the Mighty Protector.

Engage in Intense Battles and Level up Hanuman’s Divine Abilities.”


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We are Hiring

We are looking for

  • Game Designer: Creative individuals who can design captivating gameplay mechanics, level layouts, and narrative elements.
  • 3D Artists/Modelers: Skilled artists who can create stunning character models, environments, and props.
    Animators: Experts in creating lifelike animations for characters, creatures, and visual effects.
  • Programmers/Developers: Experienced programmers who can bring the game to life by implementing core mechanics, AI systems, and multiplayer functionality.

If you have any of the above mentioned skills and if you creative and willing join our team to be part of our adventure to create the most immersive game play, please send your profile to